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MODSnet Designs Exceptional Websites

We design and build websites that work for our clients. We are passionate about making sure our websites do the job they are designed for and are visible on the web for people to find.

Website Creation by MODSnet

Keep the blue lights burning

It's the little things that make the difference. We at MODSnet understand this, which is why instead of just churning out websites from the same template with a different colour scheme, we design and build every website from scratch. Because we don't use open source templates we have more freedom to create a website which matches your requirements and doesn't require you to jump through hoops to make small changes to your site.

Creating a website is more than just putting some HTML together and selling it, it is about creating a website that makes the clients job easier. A well built website should reduce your workload, not add to it with mind numbing hours of clicking or waiting for something to happen. We understand this and try to create something that will not only be used, but will become an essential part of your working life.

By taking the time to understand our clients needs, we feel this gives us the edge over our competition as we put your website in your control. Not only this, but with a free Content Management System, you are able to keep your website up to date without any knowledge of HTML. It really is a simple as writing a letter using Microsoft Word.

Have a Free Content Management System (CMS)

Helping you Manage your website

Every website we build comes with two extras as standard: A mobile version of the site via either a responsive design or specific mobile setup and a Content Management System.

The Content Management System allows you make changes to your site, the only software you need is an internet browser. The CMS allows you to log onto your website and make the changes you require using a program no more complicated than a word processor. We also incorporate a photo and document uploader specific to your requirements. You can upload photos to your website direct from your camera and the website will automatically detect the size and resize them to the correct dimensions, optimised for standard website size and also for mobile versions.

With the explosion in use of mobile devices and the specification from Google that websites should be optimised for mobile devices, it is now critical that websites are setup to appear correctly on mobiles and tablets. This is why we design each website to be either a responsive design or one that detects the users device type and displays the correct version for that device.

The best part of this is the price. We do not charge any extra for creating a website with a CMS or mobile version, these come as standard!

A Real Estate System Designed for Estate Agents

eAgent Software by MODSnet - Actively helping you sell your properties

For many years we have been working closely with local Estate Agents whose expertise have helped us create the MODSnet eAgent Management software package. This package not only allows Estate Agents to manage their properties but it also allows them to manage their property owners and buyers.

Add to this an intuitive property matching function for registered clients and you have some pretty powerful software. The eAgent system actively contacts buyers with properties that may be of interest to them, helping Estate Agents do their job in half the time. The system will even inform you when you upload a property if there are any potential buyers looking for that type of property and you can choose to email it to them right there and then with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

Uploading your Property Photos is so Easy

The eAgent system allows unlimited properties to be created and each time a property is created, it writes an XML Feed for most of the major Property Portals in Western Europe. This system allows each property to have as many features as desired and up to 20 photos - all resized and sharpened to the exact size for the website. For rental companies there is also a booking system to allow you to display property availability with an easy to use system.

Everything within the eAgent system is designed to shorten the length of time you spend updating your website. Things like changing the order of your photos for a property is as simple as dragging the photo to the desired position. There are even email templates you can setup to be sent at certain times, such as when a new property is uploaded and matches a clients requirements. You can change the wording of these templates whenever you choose.

If you are an Estate Agent, this is the system for you. Why not contact us today for a demonstration of the eAgent system and how it can benefit your business.

You can read more about the eAgent System here

E-Commerce Websites that Earn

E-Commerce coding - not as difficult as you may think...

An online shop is a great way to offer your products to people who may not be in the vicinity of your physical shop. We offer a complete service to build your shop with everything you need to sell your items. Because we don't use any open source software, your online shop is built to your exact specifications, with as many features as required.

All E-commerce websites are setup to accept payments via a third party payment gateway such as Paypal or Worldpay. All you have to do is create the account on their website and we'll connect it up.

Find out more about our E-commerce website options here

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation Services from just 150€ per month

There's no point in having a website that no one visits. There's no point in having a website that no one can find in search engines. MODSnet offer a simple, low-cost solution to help your website rank well in search results for your chosen keywords and phrases.

One of the major factors in SEO is the build quality of the website. We take this very seriously and SEO is in our mind even from the design stage of a website. An important part of our first meetings with clients is gathering information relative to the goal of the website. With this information we can setup the website to promote your keywords and phrases in a manner best suited for Search Engines.

We also offer an SEO service as a separate service. If you already have a website which may not be performing as well as you hope in search results, we can help you improve your website ranking with both on-site and off-site SEO. For a low, fixed monthly fee on a monthly contract, we can help your website rank where it should be.

Give us a call today to discuss the possibilities for your website.