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Keeping up with the times

Up to 50% of all website traffic is via a mobile device. All websites we build include a mobile version to ensure your clients can see your website no matter what

MODSnet Builds Mobile and Responsive Websites

Spain Property Portal

In 2016, mobile website traffic is expected to surpass fixed traffic for the first time. In a nutshell, this means that your website needs to be optimised for smaller screens either with a responsive design or a dedicated mobile version.

All websites built by MODSnet include a mobile version or responsive design in the price quoted. Other companies may offer to build a separate website and host it on their own server, whilst charging a monthly premium for the pleasure. We do not. Your mobile website is an extension of your main website and we treat it as such, allowing you to update it in real time exactly as you would your main site.

By building mobile websites this way, it ensures that your website remains yours and also allows mobile visitors to enjoy all functions of your website as they would if the were using a laptop. We are even able to add a mobile site to a website that currently does not have one.

This service is included in all MODSnet website packages free of charge. If you do not have a mobile version of your existing website, why not contact us today to discuss the possiblities of adding mobile functionality to your existing website and how it can benefit your business.