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Intuitive Real Estate Websites that Work

Our many years of working direct with Estate Agents has helped us create a Real Estate System that not only allows you to easily publish and manage your properties, but actively works for you to help you sell them

MODSnet Builds Real Estate Websites

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For many years we have been working closely with local Estate Agents whose expertise have helped us create the MODSnet eAgent Management software package. This package not only allows Estate Agents to manage their properties but it also allows them to manage their property owners and buyers.

eAgent Software has undergone countless versions, constantly evolving to become, what we think is, one of the best Real Estate management solutions available today. One of the reasons for this is that the software continues to evolve based on feedback from Estate Agents.

We have created the eAgent system with flexibility in mind. The basic system is setup to manage your website pages and properties. This includes the creation of SEO focused search URLs based on where your properties are located and the creation of XML feeds for exporting your properties to other websites. There are then a number of bolt-ons which can be included to help you promote your properties to potential clients.

eAgent Software by MODSnet - Actively helping you sell your properties

Because your website is unique, any extra administration features necessary to update your website are automatically built into the eAgent system. After that, we will also include features such as:

  • Language Setup - Select the languages you want to publish, change this configuration at any time
  • Pages / Buttons text - Change any text on the website with a simple one-click-save option
  • Photos - Any photos the website has such as galleries or background photos can be added to or deleted from with an automatic resizer to resize your uploaded photos to the optimal size for you website
  • Uploading your Property Photos is so Easy
  • Local Amenities - Change the local amenities for any town / city / village in the database
  • Add the owners information to properties - easily find properties based on their owner or use the property to get the owners information
  • Clients database - Register the clients details in the eAgent system and it will match properties to the client. Once a week the system will email any matching properties to the client, ensuring the property hasn't been sent before. Also the eAgent software will check all properties uploaded against existing clients and inform you if there are any matches. You can also make notes about each client, which are saved with the date for future reference
  • Online Diary - The eAgent system also comes equipped with an online diary so you can set reminders for meetings, phone calls or emails. You can use this system to set a reminder to call a client based on their name - the eAgent system will tell you their phone number when the time is set. These reminders are emailed to you when you choose and also will popup in the eAgent admin area at the alotted time
  • Easy Photo Order - To change the order of a property's photos, all you need to do is click and drag them to their new position
  • Property Print - The eAgent system is also setup to create a private print option for you. If you want your website to create your office printouts we can set them up to allow you to just print at the click of a button
  • Property Zip - Downloading 20 photos per property can be a bind. If you choose, we can also include a zip system which will zip your photos for a property and allow you to download in one click

If you are an Estate Agent, this is the system for you. Why not contact us today for a demonstration of the eAgent system and how it can benefit your business.